Pc Tools Firewall Plus

Intuitive firewall from the creators of SpywareDoctor



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Pc Tools Firewall Plus is an intuitive firewall that comes from the hands of the creators of Spyware Doctor. It stands out especially because of its easy understanding and use.

Pc Tools Firewall Plus organizes the protection of the equipment in three basic ways: firewall condition, block or authorize applications and advanced network rules.

The first one, firewall condition, shows (if it's active or not) a summary of the network traffic and the applications that you are accessing on the Internet.

From the 'Applications' option it's possible to limit the access of programs to the network, activate a log that records your activity and know the application's location on the disk.

Just as with every other firewall, Pc Tools Firewall Plus allows you to establish rules that limit the access of the programs to certain protocols and ports of the PC. The rules defined by default include a description that informs you about the risk they are avoiding.
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